Token Listing

Assetera is specialized on secondary trading for digital securities and is reaching out to tokenization companies in order to bridge primary markets and secondary markets for all participants. Assetera’s license is a European license and hence does not have a geographic limitation for token issuer nor for investors in the EU/EEA.

For customers who wish to offer digital securities on the Assetera Marketplace, the respective digital security must be listed on the Assetera Marketplace before. The application for the "Listing of Digital Securities" on the Assetera Marketplace must be submitted by the issuer.

For the purpose of listing, the issuer must submit the data required to identify the digital security, as well as other information, such as a prospectus under capital market law or a basic information sheet, to Assetera listing team for review. Please refer to the Assetera token application form for further information. Regarding technical requirements, Assetera is supporting common blockchains. However, the Assetera listing team basically needs to know the blockchain, token standard and the smart contract address.

As part of the application for the listing of digital securities, the Assetera listing team reviews, among other things, the extent to which a prospectus obligation for the respective digital security or any other obligation exist and the extent to which the respective digital security has the characteristics of a financial instrument.

In the event of a positive outcome of the review, the digital security shall be released for listing on the Assetera marketplace. As soon as the digital security is listed on the Assetera Marketplace, the customer may submit an offer. A customer needs an account on the Assetera platform to place an offer.