Token Listing

Assetera is specialized in primary and secondary marketplace operation for digital securities and digital assets. Assetera is regulated and supervised by the Austrian Financial Market Authority and due to it's notification in the EU/EEA does not have a geographic limitation for token issuer nor for investors in EU/EEA.

For the purpose of listing, the issuer need to submit the application "Listing of Digital Securities".

Please refer to the application form to be filled in. Regarding technical requirements, Assetera is supporting common blockchains. However, the Assetera listing team basically needs to know the blockchain, token standard and the smart contract address.

As part of the application for the listing of digital securities, the Assetera listing team reviews, among other things, the extent to which a prospectus obligation for the respective digital security or any other obligation exist and the extent to which the respective digital security has the characteristics of a financial instrument.

In the event of a positive outcome of the review, the digital security shall be released for listing on the Assetera marketplace. As soon as the digital security is listed on the Assetera Marketplace, the customer may start buying and selling.