Assetera GmbH
Line of business: Provision of Investment Services
VAT ID no.: ATU72219226
Company register number: FN 448308 b
Commercial Register: Wiener Neustadt Regional Court
Registered office: 2380 Perchtoldsdorf, Adolf-Holzer-Gasse 21, Austria
T: +43 664 88655370
Email: [email protected]
Managing Directors: Thomas Labenbacher, Roland Gollenbeck
Chamber membership: Member of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce, Professional Association of Financial Service Providers
Applicable law: Securities Supervision Act 2018 as amended, Financial Market Money Laundering Act (FM-GwG) as amended –
Supervisory Authority: Financial Market Authority (FMA)
Membership: Anlegerentschädigung von Wertpapierfirmen GmbH
Competent Arbitration body: Consumers have the possibility to submit complaints to the EU’s online dispute resolution platform:
You can also send any complaints to the e-mail address given above.

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