June 22, 2022
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Partner with a platform for digital securities and digital asset trading

In the last weeks, we have again seen the increasing value of regulation in the new area of assets, in tokenization, trading and custody. Regulation is a business driver, protecting customer funds and partner for new developments.

The coming launch of Assetera’s EU/EEA regulated bilateral platform for digital securities and digital assets will be our first business line. Additionally, the team is already working on three other business lines, SME Marketplace, Certified Asset Token Trading and Crypto Asset Services.

For the launch, Assetera is introducing its PARTNER PROGRAM “Bridging the prime market with secondary market trading”. For the listing of a security token on our platform there are certain requirements to be considered.

Can any security token be listed on the platform ?

The answer is no, therefore it is highly recommended before issuing digital securities / security token or digital asset token to reach out to us, even before talking to issuers. We provide you with know-how, so your clients still have all the choices to design an asset-based, debt-based, equity-based, fund-based or derivative-based token.

Furthermore, issuer need to decide on, if token owners will have voting rights and determine the revenue types owners will receive, such as dividend payments, profit sharing, debt token coupons or token buybacks.

Ask for our application form and determine together with the issuer what instrument the token should represent. At the same time Assetera can pre-list the token on the platform. Assetera has already executed: convertible loan, venture loan and revenue participation instruments. We have been also involved in transferable securities, money market instruments, UCITS, options, futures, swaps, forward rate agreements and any other derivative contracts, financial contracts for differences and emission allowances.

The partner program has been established especially for token issuer and issuing companies to realize the full potential of an integrated end-to-end value chain for primary and secondary markets to solve the problem of illiquidity of assets.

Assetera provides its know-how to token issuer and token issuing companies that the token will be actually admitted to trading. Given that, Assetera is reaching out to tokenization companies in order to support token issuer to get the regulatory requirements represented in the token.